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NEANIAS Underwater Research Community engages Open Science practices through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), targeting a wide variety of scientific and professional communities related to the marine environment. NEANIAS Underwater group provides three user-friendly, cloud-based solutions addressing bathymetry processing, seafloor mosaicking and classification ( More specifically:

  • Bathymetry Mapping from Acoustic Data service delivers an advanced, user-friendly, cloud-based version of the popular open-source MB-System software for post-processing bathymetry through Jupyter notebooks with additional functionalities .
  • The Seafloor Mosaicing from Optical Data service provides an operational solution for large area representation (in the order of tens of thousands of images) of the predominantly flat, seafloor, also addressing visibility limitations from the underwater medium (
  • The Seabed Classification from Multispectral, Multibeam Data service delivers a user-friendly cloud-based solution integrating cutting-edge machine learning frameworks for mapping several seabed classes, validated for archaeological, geo-hazards, energy, and other applications (


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